Virtual Classrooms



A virtual classroom refers to a digital learning environment, that allows educators to communicate & collaborate with students/individuals by conducting live lectures, virtual office hours, and discussions via a digital platform, replicating the experience of physical classrooms.


The challenge

As part of its Google Digital Unlocked initiative, the tech giant in collaboration with the India School of Business wanted to organize a learning program for individuals from diverse groups with a focus on key areas of digital marketing.



Tagglabs in collaboration with CAB Experiences & Google India created a custom virtual platform and successfully executed its two programs - Digital Insider & Digipivot. From immersing the attendees within an ISB style virtual classroom to solving problems and performing group activities through the use of breakout rooms & chats, the platform successfully kept the attendees engaged, motivated, and hooked throughout the programs



Digital Insider enabled 50+ professionals from different industries to harness their capabilities using digital marketing and its tools.

DigiPivot successfully curated a 22-week learning program and engagement and provided the opportunity to around 200 women to empower and reskill themselves and graduate under the program.

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