The Last Week vol 5 Special Edition

vol 5

The Last Week vol 5 Special Edition

4 basic principles of fun in games

For thousands of years, games and game-like features have been utilized to Educate, Entertain, and Engage people.Games are a staple part of our lives, and many inspire and improve our lives. The four key concepts of a fun game can be described in a variety of ways, but the ultimate goal is always to make it enjoyable, which is the objective of game design.

The 4 basic principles of fun in games are as follows:

Goals: A game must have an objective. Achieving them empowers us with a sense of accomplishment.

Rules: In this way, they keep the gameplay in check and enhance the appreciation of the reality into which you entered.

Feedback: A game's feedback is what motivates players to play hundreds of levels.

Voluntarily Participation: We choose to play and agree to the rules and goals.

Obstacles: They offer challenges Without obstacles, games would simply be carrying out monotonous actions. An obstacle can be used as a design element to make repetitive tasks more enjoyable. Unnecessary obstacles make a game boring.  


3 reasons why we enjoy games

Can work ever be fun?Well we think so.  In fact games have a way of making work seem fun. But how do they do it?
Well designed games use 6 types of work that engages the user. These are as follows:

High-Stakes Work : It is thrilling to partake in risky behaviour without getting hurt. This kind of work is fast, exciting, dangerous and hopefully virtual.

Busywork : This work provides endless versions of the same task. Silly you might think, but millions of people around the world spend their precious time doing just that!eg Tetris , Candy crush

Mental Work : Then there are games that churn the brain. We have one for you at the end of these slides :D

Physical Work : While most video games confine us to a particular spot. Gaming consoles like Nintendo Wii or the current VR headsets do let us explore physically intensive games and enjoy the sweet pleasure of endorphines.

Exploration Work : Exploration is inherent to humans. Certain games do an excellent job at revealing treasures, new levels, new locations. This excites us in ways that make us want to explore more and more......

Creative Work : These games let us do what we like. Create brand new worlds. Live in them, even just for a few moments.

We have covered the 1st reason i.e. work, but what about the other two?
The second reason is pride. Is it a necessary evil? Probably, as it helps us overcome barriers between our goals. Badges, points, ranks etc.  


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