The Last Week vol 4

vol 4

The Last Week vol 4

Virtual Production Masterclass guest speaker at ‘Backstage’ by Airmeet

Airmeet invited our founder, Mr Hari Om Seth, as a guest for their event - 'Backstage', where he conquered the stage once again to give an insight into the virtual production world. In his presentation, he demonstrated "onstage technologies," and how to make things appear spectacular on stage. 


He described the recipe for an engaging story as follows:

Engaging stories rely on immersion. Storytellers and stories merge when this occurs. Since you've been absorbed and teleported into the story, the connection between the story and the distribution network has disappeared. It is the holy grail of epic storytelling. Then he went on to talk about what causes immersion, saying that it's a complex science that we've only ever gotten immersed in a movie. Later on, he spoke about how virtual production enables you to grab your audience's attention and is becoming more cost-effective, efficient, and easy to use every day. 


With an iPhone application that mimics a two-person crew with a service system and professional camera, Mr Hari Om Seth demonstrated how "virtual production" technology will become more accessible.


He highlighted how things look real in virtual production by using concepts such as:


  • Lighting and blending

  • Motion and depth of field

  • Shadows and reflections

Mr Hari taught us that curiosity can drive you to adapt your game and that virtual experiences will be the future. He also answered some questions from the audience. It concluded with a successful talk by our founder.



Sunpharma 15th Star Club Awards 2021

Sun Pharma held its 15th-star club awards event in collaboration with Tagglabs, to honor its top employees. Sun Pharma decided to celebrate its top employees with a 15th-star cub awards ceremony. Tagglabs recorded the entire show in their studio and each speaker was recorded in front of the green screen.


We edited the entire show and created a virtual platform with multiple engagements where people could join in. When the audience first checked in, they were taken through a walkthrough animation before landing on the platform. The platform had several zones, including a wall of fame, a game zone, and a selfie zone. There was something unique in each zone. The names and faces of the top employees were displayed on the wall of fame. The word search and face merging activity was incorporated in the gaming zone. Finally, there was a camera in the selfie zone where you could take selfies with the brand owner. We constructed a virtual world for this internal event, and to encourage participation, we imposed a one-minute time limit on both the games in the gaming zone, and anyone who completed both in that time would earn an awesome Amazon voucher.


To give reactions in the virtual auditorium set-up, we made emoji-like buttons that were supposed to be clicked and show your specific reaction at the time. Another feature was the Q/A chat box, which was designed to allow attendees to ask any questions or clarify any doubts they had throughout the event.


The entire show was streamed live with our assistance, and the zones we built within the site saw greater participation.


Asian Paints Hydoloc Launch

With our agency partner Encompass and Us, Asian Paints launched a brand-new product called "SmartCare Hydroloc" among its dealers across India. A series of internal events took place across India's four zones. Asian Paints wanted to inform its dealers in four zones across India about its newly launched paint product, SmartCare Hydroloc.


  • Tagglabs, to run the show, created an entire web platform.

  • We recorded speakers via zoom.

  • The videos for the final presentation were edited by us.

  • Client-supplied creatives were integrated into the web platform by us.

  • With absolute accuracy, we lined up the show and delivered it LIVE.



We were delighted to empower our customers to manage and produce the event. We work hard to ensure that each event operates properly.




Zee live - It’s a Girl Thing

It's A Girl Thing is a festival introduced by Zee live which is dedicated to empowering young women worldwide.

The third edition of this women-led event, which was co-sponsored by Hero MotoCorp and Cetaphil, featured industry celebrities Tapsee Pannu, Dia Mirza, Ananya Birla, and Samantha Prabhu, as well as Youtube influencers Scherezade Shroff and Sana Khan from around the world and mental health experts Tagglabs, in collaboration with Zee, produced the entire show live on Zoom. We produced all of the event's creatives and recorded sessions with celebrities, one of them being Fatima Sana Sheikh.

We also broadcasted the event live on social media sites such as Facebook.



Gamification for events

The features that are employed to gamify an online course are known as game mechanics.
These include activities, control systems, and processes present in games that help to immerse the learner while also constraining them to create a challenge.

There are 7 key game mechanics as follows:
● Points    ● Achievements/Badges     ● Levels   
● Progress Bars   ● Leaderboards   ● Rewards   
● Learner Interactions

We provide customizable Gamification options. Some of the tools we use to gamify our events are:
●Q/A session   ●Engagement games   ● Leaderboards

Some of our engagement ideas
● Puzzle Game   ● Word Search   ● Spin the Wheel  
● Photo Booth  ● Match The Card



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