The Last Week vol 3

vol 3

The Last Week vol 3

LIVE streaming for One Digital Entertainment and 2 channel-group

Tagglabs teamed with  Channel 2 Group and One Digital Entertainment to produce a virtual event and provide live commentary. We built a brand new chroma studio in One Digital's office. We had a team consisting of 6 to 8 people in which the showrunners were as follows: a director, line producer, score manager, graphic manager, and a few people on standby. We set up multiple screens in front of the commentators, showing the live match and the live video of the event being produced. The series invited multiple celebrities such as Rahul Shetty, Shynee Narang, etc.



ICC T20 Worldcup 2021- T20 Tadka pre-match

Yorked Radio, Glance, and Tagglabs teamed up for the fourth time in a row to pre-discuss the ICC T20 World Cup series in Tagglabs Studio.
Tagglabs designed a virtual audio commentary platform for Yorked Radio's pre-match discussions of the full series of the ICC T20 World Cup 2021. Soumil Arora, James Alter, Chetan Narula, Pankaj Athawale, and Sakshi Mandwal contributed to the commentary.
Tagglabs live commentary studio setup gave Yorked Radio and Glance hassle-free live streaming of their content. Making it easy for our clients to provide commentary for their unique audience and reach out to them effectively.



Porsche Time Freeze

Porsche India unveiled the all-new Taycan range and the latest Macan small SUV.  All the elite Porsche owners and potential buyers were invited to an exclusive party.

Tagglabs devised a fun and engaging activity called the 360-time freeze. A total of 24 cameras were employed, allowing the customers to preserve their experiences from all angles. We sent out emails to Porsche enthusiasts and buyers thanking them for participating in the event with their time freeze videos attached with their heartfelt messages.



Dubai expo 2021 - Deepotsav at India Pavilion

Every five years, the Dubai Expo takes place. The current edition began on October 1st, 2021. Tagglabs arrived at the Expo intending to entertain and engage the visitors of the Indian pavilion during Diwali.

We did the following for the event:
● The first engagement the "Swar Rangoli"  which was a mix of music and color.
●  The second was  AR Deepotsav 2021 where participants could scan a QR codes to magically appear digital diyas on screen.
● Tagglabs prepared introductory content for the music performances which included famous music composers such as Salim and Sulaiman


Gamification for events

What is Gamification?
Adding game-like elements and principles to contexts outside of games such as events for better engagement. Since virtual events are here to stay, gamification makes virtual/hybrid events extremely engaging for attendees from various locations and timezones.

How do we do it?
We need to understand more on how the brain percieves curtain signals and how it reacts. This in turn leades to certain psychological behaviours.

Buy understanding Game Mechnics we can device event technology that is more engaging, efficient and memorable.
More on this in our next edition which will be out soon.



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