The Last Week vol 2

vol 2

The Last Week vol 2

We hosted the FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week 2021

FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week collaborated with Tagglabs to create a glamorous fashion week from the 5th to the 10th of October 2021. Designers signed up and competed in the Nexa Spotlight, Gennext Designer, and NBA-style programs where the winners received sponsorships as a winning prize. The pre-event was hosted across India, with winners picked by a Tagglabs managed virtual selection process on Zoom.

We edited videos for the Nexa spotlight and Genext programs’ social media, condensing a half-hour video to three minutes. On October 5, the prestigious FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week 2021 October edition began, and the event went live on Tagglabs platforms to provide their audience with an overall view of the fashion show.

Tagglabs designed and developed the website which included the runway, virtual showroom, and gallery as key highlights. The website was well designed and functional with various content related to fashion and was easy to use. For Lakme and Nexa, you could click on the respective images and be taken to the relevant products and timelines.

 We did the post-production work and managed the page's data where designers were able to upload their products catalogues and pricing to the site, while buyers were given pre-approved access to browse through designer collections and place orders directly with the designers. Tagglabs also created the "see now, buy now" feature that was in the show in runway, which allowed the user to click on the product’s image which appeared on the runway page and took the user straight to the respective designer’s website where they could directly purchase the product. Following the last event, we held multiple virtual press conferences during which attendees, along with the designers, the LFW authority team, were asked a range of questions by the media.

 The fashion week was a big success, with a lot of glitz and elegance and the designs were full of unique silhouettes ranging from comfy and fashionable loungewear to beautiful saris in vivid hues, giving us the most amazing finish to the week.




Virtual Production Masterclass

On the 8th of October 2021, Tagglabs hosted one of the best Virtual Master Classes, where our Founder Hariom Seth spoke about the best practices in virtual event production. The overall goal of the event was to promote Tagglabs' upcoming virtual production Masterclasses and divulge some secrets of virtual production.

We organized the whole virtual event by making the event go live via a zoom link which we had sent to everyone through an e-mail.

Our founder went over virtual production concepts one by one:

Think like a broadcaster: You must think practically and comprehend the task assigned to you by the consumer.

Blocking and staging: In this, the goal of blocking is to define where performers will move throughout a show. And the position of the actors within the frame and the movement of the camera concerning the action are referred to as staging.

Lighting and blending: Lighting is the most important thing in virtual production where you should make your backgrounds, and your light source should match the in-studio lighting so your subject blends with the background.

Motion and depth of field: Depth is something very important to make your things look cinematic, what should be in focus, and what should focus out. Its attention to detail. The time derivative of the picture position of all image points, given that they correspond to fixed 3D points, is the motion field.

He discussed how motion tracking is created in production and how there are two methods for doing so, as well as the tools that are accessible. Tagglabs is quickly adopting these capabilities to better serve you, the viewer.

Aximmetry, Vizrt, and Zero Density are the tools he mentioned, and they've been utilized by news networks for over a decade, and in events, they have used it for a year. The Master class, which ended on a high ]\note by giving essential information, enthralled our audience at the end.

Tagglabs believes in sharing knowledge with the rest of the world, so stay tuned for more masterclasses shortly.




Dulux better living - Virtual product launch

AkzoNobel in collaboration with Tagglabs hosted a sound event on the 24th of September and the 7th of October to raise awareness about the "Dulux Better Living" product among their advertising sellers throughout India. Dulux Better Living encompasses AkzoNobel's global expertise to provide differentiated propositions that are innovative, more sustainable, and geared to improve customers' quality of life, according to AkzoNobel. AkzoNobel wanted to inform its adverts dealers in India about its new product launch, "Dulux Better Living," and how its paint product is better compared to others on the market.

Tagglabs did the designing and development at their studio to make the event more captivating. We shot the product, recorded the entire live show, and edited it. We designed and developed the entire digital platform which included the Registration page, hotel, and lobby walkthrough, interactive features, real-time interactions, and live virtual broadcast.

Tagglabs also designed a digital lobby with activities such as a selfie zone, a quiz in which the participants competed and three winners were announced and gratified, and a digital certificate zone to keep the dealers and audience interested. To increase awareness of their product, AkzoNobel discussed how dealers will receive a hygiene kit and why Dulux Better Living is superior to any other product on the market.

The first event was a success, with dealers and attendees impressed by the Dulux Better Living product and approximately 200 people attended the show. Similarly, the second event was also a huge success, with 150-200 people in attendance, making the overall event a memorable one.



Spotify Love Audio 2021

Love Audio is a virtual event series aimed at teaching and inspiring Spotify enterprise customers. The primary goal was to create a compelling virtual event that included extensive audience insights, a demonstration of Spotify ad solutions, and a performance by well-known Indian artist Amit Trivedi.Tagglabs streamed all of the live content on Zoom for the event, which took place on October 13th, 2021.

By bringing in international speakers to the event, Love Audio positioned Spotify as the global leader in audio innovation. We did the following for the event: 

  • Recorded the speakers
  • Post-produced the pre-recorded videos
  • Streamed the entire event seamlessly

At the end of the evening, Amit Trivedi serenaded us with his lyrical melodies, allowing Spotify's leaders to attend from the comfort of their own homes.



Netflix Little Things

As the last season of Little Things arrived, Netflix decided to take us all on a trip with Dhruv and Kavya from season one to season three. The house was alive with enthusiasm and c, from beautiful lighting to paintings, as cast members and fans gathered on the 5th and 6th of October. They chose to perform it in a cafe with the concept of their show and memories as the backdrop. Fans of the show were treated to a special screening that included all of the show's most popular episodes, as well as a sneak, peek of the new season.

Netflix wanted to stage it in a cafe with the show's premise and memories as the backdrop, and they wanted to present fans to a special screening that includes all of the show's most popular episodes, as well as an early, peek at the upcoming season.

Tagglabs designed a tweet cafe where you could

  • Pick a door number from the many ones available
  • Access your Twitter account
  • Draft a tweet such as #LittleThings4 + your message +plus door
  • Post your tweet
  • Watch your tweet on the queue screen
  • Receive your Little Things goodie

Another thing that we designed was the AR photo booth with the use of WebAR technology which is a digital technology that can help bring a product label to life even if it’s in print.

In this, the user could 

  • scan the QR code given to bring doodles to life
  • Post against the backdrop and wait for the doodle to pop-up
  • And at last, click the picture and post it with the #LittleThings4

The fans, cast members, and the audience were very much engaged throughout the whole event and enjoyed every activity and picture.



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