The Last Week vol 17

vol 17

The Last Week vol 17

Aditya Birla - Awards 2022

The Aditya Birla Group collaborated with Hyperlink brand solutions and Tagglabs to create an unforgettable experience. This mega event drew 5000 individuals from all around the world to celebrate the most accomplished team members.

Our client's major goals were to bring their remote team together, celebrate the accomplishments, and create meaningful experiences with their organisation. Tagglabs was in charge of the whole event. Right from website creation to broadcast and streaming of the event. We designed and developed the 3d interactive website to teleport the audience into a mystical fantasy world. It was our mission to create an unprecedented virtual world that would leave the audience in awe. A world as grand as the event itself. And we were successful at it!

The virtual venue was designed with the following:

  • The Stage: which had a virtual auditorium that hosted the main performances and events, and a virtual photo booth.
  • The Vault: it accommodated the treasure of  The Aditya Birla Group, such as the award categories, nominations, and winners.
  • The Cafe: where one could witness ABG's talent, experience the fun virtual photo booth, and participate in a quiz.
  • The Library of Memories: featured ABG Awards memories since 1997.

We also broadcasted the entire event with subtitles in 5 different languages such as Thai, Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, and English.


Gujarat titans - launched the new IPL team jersey

Gujarat Titans approached XP&D, that collaborated with Tagglabs to launch the team's official jersey utilising the power of AR (augmented reality) on 13th March 2022. The event took place in the presence of well-established team members and officials, ahead of the IPL 2022 season's start, at Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium. Tagglabs as the event tech partner also took charge of the entire production, direction, and streaming of the launch.

We made certain that our client's request, which was to have their jersey introduced via AR technology, was met. After the launch, all the people watching the event could scan the QR code displayed on the screen to experience the newly launched jersey in AR on their phones.

We created the AR team jersey in Unreal Engine and then animated it to make it appear as if it emerged out of the blue. We then included a drone with it to indicate that the jersey took flight with the drone across the world. After the launch, all the people watching the event could scan the QR code displayed on the screen to experience the newly launched jersey in AR on their phones.




Metaverse as Content in Event Space

We have all heard about the Metaverse. But, how many of us have actually experienced it? Tagglabs has taken responsibility to bring Metaverse to all those who are unable to access it by allowing them to participate in the events within the metaverse through streaming the content. Tagglabs can do both: produce interactive 3D worlds and stream the Metaverse. We are attempting to revolutionise the way real-time 3D content is transmitted and consumed at scale with our interactive streaming platform. Tagglabs seeks to decentralise how the Metaverse may be accessed by everyone, bridging the gap between those who can access the metaverse and those who can only stream it.

Tagglabs uses special streaming technology to provide 3D worlds in seconds to practically any platform. This contributes to the metaverse vision, which allows people to jump from one realm to the next and so on. Through Tagglabs’ extended reality technology, content becomes more accessible to all those who utilise it across any device and platform. 

Our technology provides what is needed for interactive 3D consumer amusement, allowing those who have VR headsets, as well as those who do not have VR headsets, to quickly participate with the content they enjoy. That is to say, it gives users a choice to stream the virtual event or enter the Metaverse and attend the highly interactive virtual event.














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