The Last Week vol 14

vol 14

The Last Week vol 14

IPL Mega Auction 2022

On the 12th and 13th of February 2022, Tagglabs partnered with Digital 2 Sports and Channel 2 group to LIVE stream the IPL Mega Auction event 2022 on Youtube. Digital 2 Sports wanted to LIVE stream the event to present viewers with the information comprehensively.

We were in charge of the event’s complete post-production and live broadcast. We used Zoom to capture the commentators which was merged with LIVE graphics. We broadcasted the entire show LIVE on the Digital 2 Sports Youtube channel to create an immersive experience. Tagglabs has democratised sports commentary by making it simple for anyone to broadcast their LIVE commentary. 

By capturing the event via zoom, adding visuals, and handling the full post-production, Tagglabs, as a broadcasting partner, ensured that everyone could experience the IPL Mega Auction LIVE.




ICICI Prudential - CDO Speak 2022 February Edition

On February 9th, BOI Exp, in partnership with Tagglabs, assisted ICICI Prudential in designing and managing their internal event 'IPRU CDO Speak.' The primary goals of our client were to acknowledge and congratulate their employees for their accomplishments over the previous months and discuss the company's long-term goals.

For the event on February 9th, we created a customized virtual event to accommodate the client's specifications. This entailed having the EMCEE, CDO, and CEO from disparate locations, together on a single platform in real-time. Tagglabs captured the entire event, packaged it, and streamed it LIVE on Vimeo. Our impeccable execution led to a successful event.




India v/s West Indies T20 & ODI LIVE stream

Tagglabs partnered up with Digital 2 Sports from the 6th to the 20th of February to broadcast the LIVE commentary for the IND vs WI T20 and ODI matches. Our clients wanted to provide their audience with a live and insightful discussion on the IND vs WI T20 ODI match. Therefore, we used our LIVE streaming technology to broadcast the entire show on the Digital 2 Sports Youtube channel and create an integrated platform for the viewers. We employed visuals and captured LIVE commentary via zoom to augment the streaming footage. We were in charge of the commentary's complete post-production and live broadcast.

As a broadcasting partner, we ensured that everyone could experience the T20 & ODI match series between India and the West Indies on the Digital 2 Sports Youtube channel.



Invest in the Metaverse

Due to advancements in virtual reality technology and computing capacity, imagination is becoming reality, driving demand for metaverse enterprises. A large number of companies are attempting to make the metaverse a reality by investing in it. For example, McDonald’s is considering making a venture into the metaverse with its virtual restaurant concept. With its brand-new metaverse concept, the company expects to sell both real and virtual items that may be delivered to customers.

Disney has formed a team to lead the company's metaverse strategy. A century of storytelling at Disney has led to the metaverse, which Disney views as the next step. Samsung 837X, a metaverse location in Decentraland, was inaugurated earlier this year. People can explore technology and culture in an immersive playground with Samsung's new metaverse experience.

Someday, the metaverse will mirror our virtual lives and all that we do in the real world. Investors need to avoid losing out to the metaverse since it's more than a fleeting phenomenon. Furthermore, audiences will benefit from increased engagement, participation, and connectivity as a result of immersive metaverse events. So what are we waiting for?












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