The Last Week vol 13

vol 13

The Last Week vol 13

Pandit Jasraj cultural foundation launch

On January 28, 2022 we enabled the launch of the prestigious Pandit Jasraj Cultural Foundation. Our challenge was to comprehend Pandit Jasraj Ji’s philosophy and express it in the form of visual themes for the Launch event and the website.

Tagglabs was in charge of the launch's stage design, lighting, and production. For the event we used a three-camera setup in our Mumbai studio to capture the launch and musical performances. We simulcasted the event on their social media pages, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji paid tribute to Pandit Jasraj Ji on the occasion of the foundation's launch, praising the foundation's mission of conserving India's rich cultural history.

Giants of the music industry such as Anup Jalota, Niladri Kumar, and Vikram Mehra graced the event with their presence for an in-depth discussion regarding the future of artists and music in the country along with the future goals of the foundation.

At our client's request, we created the Pandit Jasraj cultural foundation website from scratch based on our grand vision of immortalising Pandit Jasraj Ji and his legacy. The website was created to highlight the significance of Pandit Jasraj Ji and his music. It was our duty to ideate and execute. We designed the UX/UI, various animations, and the 3d logo for the website. The foundation was able to highlight Pandit Jasraj Ji's legacy and philosophy through the website.

The notable philosophy of Pandit Jasraj Ji will immerse you in treasures of astounding splendour and deep reverence.


Virtual production now accessible to all

Nothing beats live sports in engagement and reach. Live sports media marketing is a well-established industry that has existed for over 40 years all over the world.

However, audio sports marketing is rapidly expanding. This expansion has been accelerated by the rise of internet-enabled devices. Be that as it may, what is Tagglabs doing to hop on this trend? With the rapid growth of the internet LIVE audio streaming, Tagglabs is democratising sports commentary by making it more accessible to creators, allowing them to start their own sports commentary channel if they so desire.

We are interfacing people in virtual discussions and furnishing them with an in-studio experience, as well as offering them an essential encounter by setting real-time game illustrations, like scorecards and what's going on in the match, utilising cutting-edge lighting technology. But what is it about what we are doing differently that piques the public's curiosity? If you have a significant portion of the budget or are an independent creator with the expertise to start a live broadcast commentary channel, we make it affordable, accessible, and available to a mass audience, allowing you to enter the unexplored market of unexplored broadcast.

For example: This year we collaborated with Digital 2 Sports to stream the LIVE sports commentary on the Pakistan premier league. 


Metaverse for events

Contrary to popular belief, metaverse events are a distinct possibility. Today's online services are far more powerful, and the metaverse may be easily accessed from any smartphone or laptop.

But how can the event companies make use of this?
In metaverse events, attendees use avatars to participate in shared events and are co-present in the same venues. Engagement may even be monitored in great detail, which is difficult to do at in-person events.

Here are some examples of some fascinating Metaverse events:

  • The Fortnite concert, which drew 11 million attendees, which has now shot up to 60 million on YouTube was a huge success.
  • Travis Scott also took a virtual step into the virtual world by organising a highly successful virtual concert. His event proved the financial potential of virtual concerts. He made a total of $20 million from the event.
  • His event proved the financial potential of virtual concerts. He made a total of $20 million from the event.
  • Pokemon jumped on board, putting up a virtual concert in February 2021 to commemorate its 25th anniversary, which featured Post Malone.
  • Ariana Grande also hosted a virtual concert in August 2021, which grossed the same amount as Travis Scott's.
  • Justin Bieber is the latest pop celebrity to collaborate with Wave to put on a virtual concert in Metaverse.
  • Another example is that In February, a couple from Tamil Nadu conducted a Hogwarts-themed wedding reception in Metaverse.
  • Except for the usual fashion week, Decentraland stated that in March 2022, it will offer four days of catwalk virtual events and exhibitions, pop-up stores, afterparties, and immersive experiences in collaboration with Polygon blockchain-hosted luxury marketplace UNXD.

While most millennials may consider these events pointless, the younger generation finds them fascinating. They love to explore different things, particularly those involving technology. Because they are so acquainted with technology, the younger generation can propel these virtual events ahead and make them a success. Virtual events are all here to stay for a long time, as they provide you with an original and thrilling experience.





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