The Last Week vol 12

vol 12

The Last Week vol 12

Microsoft 15th Partner Leadership Conclave

Microsoft hosted the 15th Partner Leadership Conclave. The PLC is a great platform for the partners of Microsoft, as it supports Microsoft's goal of empowering customers. In his inaugural keynote, Anant Maheshwari, President of Microsoft India, discussed Microsoft's successes and technological advances. He expressed gratitude to the guests, partners, and workers who all played a part in enabling Microsoft's aim of empowering consumers. As a result of the pandemic, he says, no business is safe. However, digital and digitization across industries have helped us become more robust and assisted our consumers in this difficult time.

The primary goal of Microsoft India's partner leadership conclave was to bring together the company's partners to create a dynamic whole of creativity and engagement. Tagglabs in collaboration with Microsoft India developed a custom website for the event, which allowed the partners to log in, watch, and participate in the live-streamed event. Presentations on company advancements were also included in the event's virtual broadcast. Tagglabs was also in charge of the event's live streaming.

The Microsoft Partner Leadership Conclave was a virtual event that provided incredible takeaways for partners aiming to develop their businesses with technology. Participants were able to quickly participate and attend the event thanks to the website we built for the event.



Bayer - Xapam 2022

Bayer, a health and nutrition multinational corporation, collaborated with BOI Exp and Tagglabs to host a remote event called XAPAM - Xarelto Advanced Programme and Motivational Meet 2022, Wherein the company discussed their accomplishments from the previous year, particularly during the pandemic, as well as their future plans and encouraged their employees to do better.


Bayer sought to highlight the company's growth potential by continuing to push research and innovation, encouraging its employees, and recognising and praising successful employees for their achievements. All of the participants namely the audience, prize winners, motivational speakers, and guest speakers joined via a Zoom call. The event began with a keynote address by Rajesh Channa, the Marketing Head. The senior partners gave an upbeat speech while sharing information about the company's and employees' previous year's performance. Having followed that, Manoj Saxena, the company's Managing Director, encouraged the audience to be courageous and highlighted the company's plans. For the event, Tagglabs designed a multi-screen setup that included question and answer sessions as well as debate sessions.

Following a talk by renowned cardiologist Dr V.T Shah, Dr Arunima Sinha delivered a motivational speech about how we should overcome our challenges in life and share our triumphs with others to help them save their lives. The event came to a close with an award ceremony, in which the winning employees were recognised for their achievements. The entire award ceremony was live-streamed by us.


Participants, senior partners, and guests were able to readily engage during the event thanks to our assistance.

Because of the multiple screen layout we developed, they were able to effectively participate in the Q&A and debate session.

Storytelling in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality storytelling is a union of the age-old tradition of storytelling and technological innovation in this day of high-tech solutions.

VR provides a truly immersive experience. You're no longer a spectator watching the tale unfold from the sidelines. Immersive storytelling means that you are cut off from reality in many ways and become a part of the story.
You will be teleported to a different time, place, and dimension to experience new scenarios using a virtual reality headset like the Oculus Rift.

Virtual reality is a modernized version of a game that has been played for millennia, the game of storytelling.
The arena is open for everyone to play. In VR we're allowing the audience to take over.Virtual reality storytelling adheres to many of the same principles as its traditional counterpart.

Narrative Essentials for Virtual Reality

Provoking your audience's emotions is the key to a strong storey in any medium. When VR storytelling is done well, we can experience the story's ups and downs in real-time.

So, how do we do it in the best way possible?
If you want your VR narrative to be timeless, follow in the footsteps of the greats by using strong, well-developed characters with real flaws that the audience can identify with, creating a fascinating setting, and developing your plotline interestingly and engagingly.
The entire virtual reality experience alters the relationship between the narrator and the audience. To accomplish so, you must take advantage of the technology accessible to you within the VR experience. The best stories begin with a fascinating and sympathetic environment.

The environment is the most crucial component of your story in virtual reality storytelling. The setting should elicit the mood of your story on its own.

Another factor to consider when combining storytelling and virtual reality is how time is represented in a VR story. Choose your transitions carefully while creating your story and having a change in time. The majority of people believe that the main character in virtual reality must be a first-person figure, however, this is not always the case. It's also possible to write a third-person character in which the POV is right behind your character.

The future is the most exciting aspect of technology.




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