The Last Week vol 10 Special Edition

vol 10 Special Edition

The Last Week vol 10 Special Edition

Leverage VR in Events


Establish - Presence for VR experiences

The major challenge with VR is that you're altering how you connect with your users through content and interface, and VR is defined by the transition to a first-person narrative.
This transition may be altering the manner the UI or the narrative unfolds, rather than dictating the interaction in a 2D flat-screen. The sensation of being physically and spatially located in an area is known as presence. The VR devices must deceive the user's senses, particularly the audio-visual system, to establish Presence. To have a successful VR experience, the user must believe that he or she is part of that world. The VR device must deceive the user's senses, particularly the audio-visual system, to establish Presence. Head tracking is used by VR devices to achieve this. The user's viewpoint varies as a result of the movement of his or her head.


What makes a great VR experience

The initial 30 seconds are the most crucial, just as the introduction of the main character in a film is. Another crucial thing is curiosity. Curiosity has to pique our interest. It's a game design approach. And, at least in VR, it's a method to draw the user into the experience and start the co-authorship process.

There are a few key factors to create an impeccable VR experience that must be taken care of. They are spatial Interface and storytelling.

Spacial Interface covers all the objects in the virtual 3d world that will be created, placed or interacted with. One has to experiment with what looks and feels great. For example creating menus should be such that it should feel familiar to the user in the real world. The entire scene should be treated as an affordance(the quality or property of an object that defines its possible uses or makes clear how it can/should be used) canvas.


Essentials skills for Virtual Reality

One thing we've learned from VR/AR is that 3D narrative is essential to Interaction Design and how people interact with immersive virtual, augmented, and mixed realities. When it comes to the user experience of Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, you'll need three skills:    

  • Storytelling
  • Improv
  • Imagineering

Storytelling: In an immersive environment, narrative mechanics can assist and shape the user's experience. We believe that storytelling is an important aspect of VR/AR design.

Improv: Improv can assist you in acting out a section of the spatial UI you're creating. Indeed, 'walking the space' while creating the narrative experience is a frequent VR UX design technique.
Imagineering: Imagineering may help you think about narrative in new ways, both spatially and emotionally.

Everyone from companies and agencies to marketers and creatives are swiftly adopting virtual reality storytelling, making it the likely future of narrative. A truly immersive experience is provided by virtual reality. You're no longer a spectator watching the narrative unfold from the sidelines.

Virtual reality storytelling adheres to many of the same principles as its traditional counterpart. Provoking your audience's emotions is the key to strong storytelling in any medium. When VR storytelling is done well, we can experience the story's ups and downs in real-time.

We will cover more on this in the next edition.


ICICI Prudential CDO Speak 2022 Jan Edition

BOI Exp in collaboration with Tagglabs assisted ICICI Prudential in planning and managing their Internal event 'CDO Speak' on the 6th of January. Tagglabs designed a bespoke virtual event to match the client's requirements for the event held on the 6th of January.  

This required bringing the EMCEE, CDO and CEO from different locations, together LIVE on one platform. We, as a broadcasting partner, ensured that everyone could join in the award ceremony by capturing it on zoom and handling the post-production.We brought together the event’s emcee, ICICI Prudential CDO and CEO to one platform to award their employees. Our clients were able to successfully achieve their business goals through this virtual event.


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