The Last Week

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The Last Week

Mercedes Retail of the future

Tagglabs and agency partner PMG Asia delivered the first-ever Hybrid virtual event for Mercedes.
We installed a two-way video and audio capture technology connecting Pune and 31 other locations pan India.

We installed video and audio capture technology in all 31 locations in India, which enabled two-way communication between the 31 locations and the main Mercedes plant in Pune. Many people from Germany joined as well. Due to the pandemic and severe government restrictions, this car launch was a no-crowd occasion with an actual setup. We conveyed three distinctive studio sets with a camera arrangement that covered the studio from all angles to give watchers a genuine encounter.

As it was the first-ever Hybrid virtual occasion during COVID-19.

IPL 2021 Pitch Ke Peeche - Pre-Match Show

Tagglabs collaborated with Yorked Radio and Glance for the first-ever pre-show live commentary.
We empowered Yorked Radio to gain 94K subscribers by designing a virtual audio commentary in our very own studio.

Our challenge was to give their audience a LIVE and informative commentary. We designed a virtual audio commentary platform for Yorked Radio's discussions to seamlessly stream the commentary on Youtube.

England v/s India 2021

The Yorked Radio and Glance in with Tagglabs aired exclusive ball-by-ball commentary of India vs England Cricket series.

By making yet another collaboration with Yorked Radio Tagglabs studio aired exclusive ball-by-ball commentary of India vs England Cricket series. We made sure that the test matches between India and England could be heard and seen by everyone from our studio. Hence, we paired up with Yorked Radio’s live commentary show.

Kingston Fury Launch

Kingston Technology Launched its Brand new elite, fan, and gaming brand Kingston Fury (DRAM) on the digital platforms of Tagglabs. Kingston wanted to connect with the Pan India dealership and brief them about the product and marketing.

We designed pre-event registrations for Kingston and did the Chroma shoot for the PR campaign, furthermore, we gave them post-production of presentations. Which enabled seamless conversations between Kingston representatives from around the world.
Tagglabs designed a web platform for live streaming the dealership, the launch of various gaming memory products, and marketing.
The webpage contained interactive chat, emojis, animations, and beautiful theme-based virtual sets which mesmerized our audience.
Two events were conducted in our studio. The first was on 3rd August which was the media launch. It was primarily a product launch with media, and on the 10th Participants.

To ensure that our members were engaged throughout the show we made them participate in various activities like virtual quizzes, lucky draws/spin the wheel. We got our results from an Automated Leaderboard which showed who was the winner and their positions. In return, if they won, we rewarded them with amazing amazon vouchers, and one lucky winner was given a free Kingston Fury Ram.

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